Santorini: help me...

The Protest in Santorini organizing by the group Dreamdancers ( an animal activists group from Thessaloniki Greece ) and invites animal lovers and animal activists on 27 – 29 July in Santorini Greece. We invite everyone to support and participate in this effort!

Animal cruelty occurring to the tourist donkeys of Santorini is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. If you use these donkeys as transport, then you are directly involved in animal abuse.
Tourists heading off to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini have, no doubt, fantasies of golden beaches.

One image, however, probably hasn’t crossed their minds: a tired, dehydrated donkey, with aching bones from transporting overweight tourists, and open sores from inadequate bridle equipment. Every day, the donkeys of Santorini will make four or five return journeys up 520 wide, cobbled steps on the switchback path that leads to the town of Fira and its iconic whitewashed buildings and blue-domed roofs.
Admittedly, the walk up the 250-metre staircase path leading to Fira isn’t exactly enticing, even for the most avid walker, as it’s often laden with donkey droppings and urine. Many tales have been regaled of enthusiastic holidaymakers starting the climb, only to fall flat on their newly-stained chinos after encountering a literal slippery slope.

Tourists are urged to take the nearby cable car instead, which takes just three minutes and costs the same as a donkey ride, at around five euros. With each ferry containing around 2,800 passengers, docking around half a dozen times each day, it’s understandable that numerous routes up the cliff have been made to beat the lengthy queues.

The practice has been going on for decades. Help us put an end to the abuse of the animals characterized as the most stoic creatures in the world. There are other ways to get to your hotel or where you need to go. PLEASE DO NOT use the donkeys for transportation these poor animals are abused on a regular basis. I SPOKE FOR THOSE WHO HAS NO VOICE!!

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